Why You Should Consider Seeing a Dermatologist

Having healthy skin takes some care. You have to do your part at home, but there are some things that our dermatologist in Toms River, NJ can do for your skin that you can't. At Premier Dermatology Clinic, Dr. Robert Lee offers medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments. You can have the skin you have always dreamed of.

You Have Acne

Acne is an inflammation of the skin. It occurs when the hair follicles get plugged by dead skin cells and sebum, the oil that helps your skin from becoming too dry. Bacteria make a home in this plugged area, and it becomes inflamed. The inflammation moves from the follicle to the surrounding skin and the result is whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules, and severe nodules. People of all ages can get acne, but it is most common in teenagers. Treatments are available for all types of acne, but there is no magic bullet, they all take time to work.

You Have Acne Scars

Severe acne can cause scars that are quite disfiguring. It can make you self-conscious and lack confidence in your appearance. Your dermatologist offers different procedures that can help to improve the appearance of your skin and diminish acne scarring. Chemical peels can work for people of all skin tones from very light to very dark. Laser resurfacing works well on light skin tones but can be an issue with darker tones. 

You Want To Look Younger

Aging is unavoidable, but you don't have to accept it as a fact of life. Our dermatologist in Toms River, NJ has an arsenal of options to help you to look younger and have fresh glowing skin. Chemical peels range from very gentle and quick to deeper peels. The time involved gets longer the deeper the peel and also the recovery time. Dermal fillers can give almost instantaneous results, and you can walk out of the office looking younger than when you came in. Botox helps to remove lines from your face and forehead. Laser resurfacing removes sun damage and other unfortunate signs of aging on the top layer of your skin.

You Need Skin Cancer Screening

If you have spent any time in the sun, your skin has been damaged. Skin cancer is a very common type of cancer and if it is caught early, it is very curable. Getting a skin cancer screening should be something you schedule every year.

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