How To Manage Eczema for Children

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes dry, itchy skin and affects up to 20% of children. Unfortunately, there are problems with confidence and mental health accompanied by physical symptoms. Dr. Robert Lee carefully examines your child's skin during a body check at Premier Dermatology in Toms River, NJ, to rule out any irregularities like an infection. Although eczema can strike at any age, most cases begin before five years old and affect any body part. Contact us to discuss your child's options for treating eczema if your child experiences symptoms like dry, cracked, or itchy skin or scratches to the point where redness and scaly patches have developed.

How to Manage Eczema for Children

Families can alter their daily routines at home to lessen eczema flare-ups in their eczema-prone child or sibling by doing things like applying cream or ointment to the skin at least twice a day to lock in moisture, taking a quick shower or bath every day in warm water rather than hot, using gentle cleansers devoid of dyes, alcohols, and fragrances, and patting rather than rubbing the skin dry after bathing. The first line of treatment is frequently topical steroids.

Although the frequency of applying daily topical steroids reduces in children as they age, they still need to be diligent as they age because the condition is genetic. The choice to refrain from using items with dyes and perfumes will last a lifetime. Reducing skin inflammation is the first step in treating your child's eczema. As a team, we can devise strategies to avoid your child's triggers once Dr. Lee has identified them.

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If your child exhibits symptoms of eczema, Dr. Robert Lee at Premier Dermatology Clinic in Toms River, NJ, specializes in treating general skin disorders, plus performing medical and surgical dermatology. These include cyst or lipoma removal and skin cancer surgery. He dedicates himself to providing outstanding and unparalleled patient care to children and adults. Please visit our website to learn more about the conditions we treat and the services provided. For more information about eczema or to schedule an appointment, call (732) 934-4141.

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